Gifts for the Disney Lover- Small Biz Edition

Two things I love- Disney and Etsy. It was honestly hard to not buy EVERYTHING on this list, although my husband would say I have PLENTY of Mickey ears. I would personally say these are great gifts for Christmas, birthdays, or ANY reason to give a gift! Large PERSONALIZED Clear Cosmetic Bag ($19+) Mickey MouseContinue reading “Gifts for the Disney Lover- Small Biz Edition”

Gifts for Her- Homebody Edition

I am a FULL FLEDGE homebody… like, home ALL OF THE TIME. I would rather be home than ANYWHERE. So, just know you are getting gift ideas from the pro herself. These are the PERFECT gifts for a homebody or anyone who loves to have a cozy night in. As an Amazon Associate, I earnContinue reading “Gifts for Her- Homebody Edition”

Holiday Gifts for the Fitness Girl

We all know EVERYONE will be setting their New Year resolution to be healthier. Why not go ahead and get them on that track? Or, buy for someone you know already know loves fitness! As an Amazon Associate, I do earn commission through qualifying purchases. #CommissionEarned Biker Shorts (Amazon Link, Aerie, Lululemon) Pictured is theContinue reading “Holiday Gifts for the Fitness Girl”

Stocking Stuffers for Her

As pretty as those stockings are on your fireplace, TV mantle, or wherever you hang yours, they eventually have to come down and be filled up! Let’s all make sure we aren’t late on getting those stocking stuffers this year! I know I usually am. I have gathered up many ideas for stocking stuffers forContinue reading “Stocking Stuffers for Her”

5 November Book Releases

Never in a million years did I expect to EVER discuss romance novels and become excited for new ones to be released, but here I am. I read ONE Christmas book that was (of course) a romance novel, and I am HOOKED. Of course, I will NEVER put a romance before a suspense book, butContinue reading “5 November Book Releases”

The 5 BEST Tips for Student Teachers

Shew, student teaching… The HARDEST year of my life! I am a first year teacher, so I just went through student teaching last year, during the midst of the Pandemic. At my college, we had a year-long student teaching! The fall semester we had a certain amount of hours that we had to be inContinue reading “The 5 BEST Tips for Student Teachers”

Is Buying a Kindle Worth it?

Kindle- the GAME CHANGER to reading! I can’t imagine how many books were collected before the Kindle was invented! I have had a Kindle since I was in sixth grade (I think). I didn’t use it very much, just mainly to read Camp Rock books and easy stories! I believe I still have this KindleContinue reading “Is Buying a Kindle Worth it?”

The ACTUAL Amazon Classroom Must-Haves

Let’s be real. We see all over the ‘teacher must haves’ Youtube videos, blogs, and stories on Instagram, but are they really worth it? I can say I fell into the trap of buying anything and everything that I saw on these videos and posts because how was I to know what I really needed?!Continue reading “The ACTUAL Amazon Classroom Must-Haves”