Gifts for the Disney Lover- Small Biz Edition

Two things I love- Disney and Etsy. It was honestly hard to not buy EVERYTHING on this list, although my husband would say I have PLENTY of Mickey ears. I would personally say these are great gifts for Christmas, birthdays, or ANY reason to give a gift! Large PERSONALIZED Clear Cosmetic Bag ($19+) Mickey MouseContinue reading “Gifts for the Disney Lover- Small Biz Edition”

The ULTIMATE Christmas Movie List

If you know me, you know I LOVE Christmas time and more importantly, Christmas movies. After Halloween, you will find me ONLY watching Christmas movies and listening to Christmas music. Where I live, we get snow here and there, but never all of the time. Watching a Christmas movie keeps me in the festive moodContinue reading “The ULTIMATE Christmas Movie List”

The ULTIMATE Halloween Movie List

Halloween, the holiday that makes us one step closer to Christmas! This fall, it hasn’t felt like October at all! I am still in 80 degree weather, which is not making it easy to realize what time of the year it is! I changed out my closets this weekend for winter and immediately regretted it!Continue reading “The ULTIMATE Halloween Movie List”