Christmas Bulletin Boards

Who doesn’t love Christmas? As a teacher, Christmas is exciting, fun, and EXHAUSTING. You want to have a fun time yourself, but also know you have to make sure your students are having a blast! I do want to state that I know not all students in your classroom probably celebrate Christmas. This year, allContinue reading “Christmas Bulletin Boards”

Gift Ideas for the Teacher

Don’t forget about your teachers this holiday season or any occasion! As an Amazon Associate, I do earn commission through qualifying purchases. #CommissionEarned Teacher Lanyard ($25) There are SO many cute lanyards on etsy, and why not support a small biz? Etsy Shop: bythegraces Flair Pens ($20) Starbucks Gift Cards ($25 or $40)- One giftContinue reading “Gift Ideas for the Teacher”

The ACTUAL Amazon Classroom Must-Haves

Let’s be real. We see all over the ‘teacher must haves’ Youtube videos, blogs, and stories on Instagram, but are they really worth it? I can say I fell into the trap of buying anything and everything that I saw on these videos and posts because how was I to know what I really needed?!Continue reading “The ACTUAL Amazon Classroom Must-Haves”

4 Tips and Tricks for a Teacher Interview

AH! If you are reading this, I am sure you have an upcoming teacher interview or are in school to become a teacher! That is so exciting and nerve wracking! I have been there (not long ago) and truly went straight to the Internet for help. I was a NERVOUS WRECK to the point IContinue reading “4 Tips and Tricks for a Teacher Interview”

How I Plan Writing Workshops in the Classroom

If you know me, you know I ADORE teaching writing! I love writing myself, but this isn’t just why I love teaching it in the classroom. Teaching writing is so fun because the opportunities are endless and you can be so creative (one of my favorite things about being a teacher). Keep in mind thatContinue reading “How I Plan Writing Workshops in the Classroom”

4 of the BEST Ways to use Smore in the Classroom

SMORE! It is just as fun as it sounds. This tool was introduced to me during my student teaching and I haven’t stopped using it since. The ideas are endless through Smore and it is a way for me to plan in an organized, creative way. What is Smore? Smore is a way of communicationContinue reading “4 of the BEST Ways to use Smore in the Classroom”