The ULTIMATE Halloween Movie List

Halloween, the holiday that makes us one step closer to Christmas! This fall, it hasn’t felt like October at all! I am still in 80 degree weather, which is not making it easy to realize what time of the year it is! I changed out my closets this weekend for winter and immediately regretted it!Continue reading “The ULTIMATE Halloween Movie List”

5 BEST Podcasts for Women in their 20s

Podcasts- something I never would have thought I would be giving my two cents on. In high school, I thought these were for people in their mid-forties like when you are driving around in the car with your dad and he is listening to sport podcasts or when your mom is on a walk listeningContinue reading “5 BEST Podcasts for Women in their 20s”

4 Tips and Tricks for a Teacher Interview

AH! If you are reading this, I am sure you have an upcoming teacher interview or are in school to become a teacher! That is so exciting and nerve wracking! I have been there (not long ago) and truly went straight to the Internet for help. I was a NERVOUS WRECK to the point IContinue reading “4 Tips and Tricks for a Teacher Interview”

Winter 2021-2022 Bucket List

I am a LOVER of the cold and all things surrounding the holidays! It truly is the best time of the year, in my opinion. There are so many things to do and such little time! As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. With this being said, I have linked items in thisContinue reading “Winter 2021-2022 Bucket List”

How I Plan Writing Workshops in the Classroom

If you know me, you know I ADORE teaching writing! I love writing myself, but this isn’t just why I love teaching it in the classroom. Teaching writing is so fun because the opportunities are endless and you can be so creative (one of my favorite things about being a teacher). Keep in mind thatContinue reading “How I Plan Writing Workshops in the Classroom”

4 of the BEST Ways to use Smore in the Classroom

SMORE! It is just as fun as it sounds. This tool was introduced to me during my student teaching and I haven’t stopped using it since. The ideas are endless through Smore and it is a way for me to plan in an organized, creative way. What is Smore? Smore is a way of communicationContinue reading “4 of the BEST Ways to use Smore in the Classroom”

5 Read-Alouds and How to use them for Instruction

I personally LOVE reading aloud to my kids, exploring the illustrations, and finding ways I can implement fun books into my instruction before or after. I am in a fourth grade classroom and have to be very strategic on what books I choose and how I use them! If you are in upper elementary, thenContinue reading “5 Read-Alouds and How to use them for Instruction”