Christmas Bulletin Boards

Who doesn’t love Christmas? As a teacher, Christmas is exciting, fun, and EXHAUSTING. You want to have a fun time yourself, but also know you have to make sure your students are having a blast!


I do want to state that I know not all students in your classroom probably celebrate Christmas. This year, all of my students do! To take advantage of this, my teaching partner and I went all out in our decor!

Aside from our extravagant boards, we also did many other fun Christmas things in the classroom that we hope will leave lasting memories for our students! I have a Youtube video on all things Christmas in the classroom that is linked below!

  • Elf on the Shelf
  • Gingerbread Houses
  • Ornaments
  • Bulletin Boards (duh)
  • Christmas Units
  • and MORE!

Now, let’s get to the bulletin boards. It took us FIVE HOURS to do this after school! We had AMAZING help and honestly never would’ve been finished in five hours without the help!

NOTE: You can add paper and all this decor OVER your original boards! This will save you time once the Holiday/winter time is over and the boards need to come down!

Santa’s Sleigh

This bulletin board is Santa’s sleigh with presents filled full! After taking this picture, we also added the words, ‘Learning is a Gift’. After this, I still thought it needed something else. My education aid suggested we should add some reindeer. So, I had my students color reindeer and we added them all over the board! It turned out SO CUTE.

Frosty the Snowman

This board is personally my favorite of all the boards in my room! My educational aid did an AMAZING job at cutting out Frosty and his nose, scarf, and hat! We knew we wanted to add snow in some way, but we actually added the bound of snow below him at the bottom!


This board is actually in my teacher partners room. We never imagined it to turn out THIS GOOD. Once students came the next day, they got to design their own stocking which she then hung on the fireplace mantle! They loved being able to help with the Christmas decorations and loved that it was their own designs.

My teaching partner found the ribbon at Target and I think it added the best touch. For the fireplace, our educational aid used a tissue box to make it look like brick!

Let it Snow

If you can get past the clutter, this is another cute board! I had initially wanted the snow to be all over the board, but couldn’t pass up how cute it would be as boarder. Along with many of the other boards, we let the kids help! I found a snow globe template online and let the kids design their own snow globe and color it. It may be my favorite AFTER the snow globes were added!

This is a board I will leave up through the winter!

Christmas Tree

This is the last bulletin board that we decorated! I took this picture before it was fully completed, but it is so cute! We added bows to the presents like mine have on my board, snow in the window, and the kids signed their names on the ornaments on the tree! Who doesn’t love a tree beside the fireplace?


Magically Making It


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