Stocking Stuffers for Kids

I cannot wait until the day I am picking out stocking stuffers for my kids!

These fun stocking stuffers from Amazon and Target are ideas based off of my students interests that I’ve seen/heard in the classroom… and some that I may have loved when I was little!


As an Amazon Associate, I do earn commission through qualifying purchases. #CommissionEarned

  1. Bath Crayons
  2. Fidgets (I also love these squishy fidgets)
  3. Slime Kit (Or play-doh if slime is a NO)
  4. Twinkle Star Pillow
  5. Mini Brands Surprise
  6. Lip Smacker Coke Chapstick (12 Count)
  7. Tamagotchi Pet Pix (PLEASE tell me you remember these!)
  8. Rad Rainbow Craft Case (ONLY $25!!)
  9. Grow in Water Toys (Animals)

Magically Making It


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