Gifts for the Book Lovers

Do you have someone to buy gifts for that LOVES reading? Well, I have you covered!

Hey, maybe you are buying yourself a gift. That’s always a good idea! If you are a book lover, you have come to the right place!

I promise you that these gifts will make your book lover friend, spouse, or self EXTREMELY happy.

*As an Amazon Associate, I do earn commission through qualifying purchases. #CommissionEarned*

  1. Kindle

The first thing that comes to my head is a Kindle! What book lover doesn’t want a Kindle?

They can take it ANYWHERE and read at ANYTIME.

Of course, do your research before buying just ANY Kindle. They all offer different things and the price varies. Don’t know much about a Kindle? Read my blog post here that gives more deets.

Have a child that LOVES to read? They have a Kindle for the little ones too!


2. Book Lights


A book light can be something you clip onto your book, shirt, blanket, or whatever you want to that will help you see your book at night.

There is also a book light that goes AROUND YOUR NECK! You are KIDDING ME?! It is only $19.99, I would say that is a STEAL.

I LOVE reading in bed to make me sleepy and end a long day. I should have had something like this a LONG time ago. *Adds to cart now*


3. Bookcase

If you are buying for a book lover, they NEED somewhere for all of those books!

A nice, pleasing bookcase will make anyone happy to have all of their books showcased.

Plus, wouldn’t you be happy to see all those books around the house have a home? SAME.

I have linked one of my favorites from Amazon. It is my favorite because there are different color options, it is reasonably priced, and is a good size! (The antique white is my favorite)

Of course, there are TONS of options for bookcases, I just thought I would share a good option!


4. New Releases

I can’t think of a better gift than NEW books!

My mom, grandma, and I all read the same books or at least the same type of books, so it is pretty easy to know what books they like! The only question is, HAVE THEY READ IT?

If you are buying a gift for someone, you can feel confident they haven’t read a newly released book!! The chances are SLIM.

You can check out my November book release blog here to get a few ideas on books! I also have a December release blog coming soon!


5. ALL Things Cozy!

I can’t think of any person who loves to read that doesn’t want to be cozy doing it!

Personally, I cuddle up with a blanket, a candle going, and a comfy pillow to read!

Does anyone remember Snuggies (AKA a wearable blanket)? I need to invest in a new one! I can remember using a Snuggie at my grandparents, reading in bed with my grandmother!

You can find me either cozied up on the couch or bed, of course!

My idea of cozy:

6. Reading in the Bathtub

Do you OR who you are buying for like to take baths? I DO!

Why not make your baths even better with a book?

Now, this COULD be a little tricky and could end badly. But, with a bath tray, I think reading in the bath sounds like a great idea!

Whether you, or friend, has a Kindle or reading a paperback, a bath tray will be perfect to place them on! Grab you some wine, a bath bomb, a good book, and you are all set!

These CAN be expensive, but there are cheaper options on Amazon!


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