Is Buying a Kindle Worth it?

Kindle- the GAME CHANGER to reading! I can’t imagine how many books were collected before the Kindle was invented!


I have had a Kindle since I was in sixth grade (I think). I didn’t use it very much, just mainly to read Camp Rock books and easy stories! I believe I still have this Kindle somewhere, but I have moved around so much that I have NO CLUE where it is. Then, this summer, my mom said she had my grandfathers old Kindle. I had just picked up reading again and knew I wanted it. At first, I didn’t use it all that much. Once I realized you could find books for FREE, I was allllll for it.

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Have you ever heard of Libby? Libby is an app where you can connect your library card to borrow books to read on your Kindle! It is AMAZING. You can hold any book that they have and as soon as it is ready, you download it to your Kindle! It is just as easy as it sounds. Now, not all books are held on the Libby app. So, I still have had to buy a few paperback books, but not many. This app has saved me SO MUCH MONEY!! I can’t believe I was paying $10+ on paperback books when I was reading a new one every week!

Libby App

Having a Kindle also comes with the opportunity to have Kindle Unlimited through Amazon. Now, this does cost a monthly fee of $10, but you can read an unlimited amount of books. Not bad for unlimited reading on books you can’t find on Libby! Using this link, you can get a discounted price on your Kindle Unlimited plan! For 6 months, at normally $60, you can get it for $47! For a year, which is normally $120, you can get Kindle Unlimited for only $80! This is a STEAL you should take advantage of with this link! Don’t miss out if you love reading as much as my family does!


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With that out of the way, I will say, I believe the Kindle is 1,000% WORTH IT for SO many reasons!!

  1. No more stacks of books! There is no reason to buy books that you are going to read once and then place on a shelf to take up space in your house! With having a Kindle, you have one small item that can sit perfectly on your night stand. There is no way you’ll run out of room of your bookshelf now.
  2. Read anywhere, anytime! The Kindle is so light that you can take it ANYWHERE. I have taken it to get my nails done, to read on my lunch break, and to read by the pool! Unlike a paperback book, the Kindle is extremely light and doesn’t take up hardly any space when lugging it around!
  3. Free books! Even if you don’t use the Libby App or Kindle Unlimited, (which you should) you can still find free books through searching on the Kindle store. Now, they may not be the best, up-to-date books, but they are still free! If you do take advantage of Libby, then you will have thousands of free books waiting for you to read!
  4. No more turning a page! Have you ever been so uncomfortable reading because you had to sit a certain way just to turn to the next page? I have! When I was reading in bed, I couldn’t lay on my side or how I wanted to because I need to turn the page! With the Kindle, I can lay on my side and still enjoy my book cozied up in the bed.
  5. Reading in the dark! If you get a certain Kindle (discussed below), you don’t even have to have a light on to enjoy a book! Right now, I have the Kindle that requires light, but I will be asking for the other one for Christmas so I can read in bed at night without my light on. There is nothing worse than being into your paperback book, getting tired, and waking up all over again when you have to turn the light off!

There are many more pros to having a Kindle, but these are my top five reasons to buy one!


Now that I have you wanting to buy a Kindle, which one should you buy? It all depends on how you want to use it and how much you read! The prices differ, so really think about how you want to use your Kindle and how much! Side note: there is even a Kindle for Kids! Ah! Get those babies a Kindle!

  1. Kindle ($90)– This is the most basic Kindle you can get! It is a great option if you are just wanting to test the waters of having one. The normal Kindle you cannot read in the dark, but is glare-free in the sun. I would say this is your best bet if this is your first ever Kindle!
  2. Kindle Paperwhite ($140)– This Kindle you can read in bed, in the dark! This is HUGE. The reason this is an upgrade from your basic Kindle is that it is waterproof, adjustable warm-light, and a better design!
  3. Kindle Oasis ($250)– The best of the best in the Kindle world and the price shows it! From the Kindle paperwhite, the Kindle Oasis also offers an adjusting light sensor, automatic page rotation, bigger, and page turn on buttons.
  4. Kindle Kids ($110)– Same as the Kindle ($90) for adults, but a kid version! This Kindle Kids and the one listed below are specifically designed for reading with no gaming, apps, or any of the extras!
  5. Kindle Paperwhite Kids ($160)– Identical to the Kindle Paperwhite ($140) for adults.

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