The ULTIMATE Christmas Movie List

If you know me, you know I LOVE Christmas time and more importantly, Christmas movies. After Halloween, you will find me ONLY watching Christmas movies and listening to Christmas music.

Where I live, we get snow here and there, but never all of the time. Watching a Christmas movie keeps me in the festive mood and gives me all of the cozy vibes!

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Christmas movies also take me right back to my childhood and the magic that comes along with Christmas. There is nothing like being a kid around Christmas time and anticipating Santa coming! Sitting here writing this I am immediately in the Christmas mood and it is only October, ugh. When do you being Christmas shopping? I just bought my first Christmas present yesterday!

Below I am going to list my all-time favorite Christmas movies that I have to watch AT LEAST once a year, but most I watch more than once.

  • Home Alone (ALL of the Home Alones)- Personally, I LOVE them all. My husband on the other hand only enjoys the first two! This is a movie I find myself watching year-round, but especially around Christmas time.
  • The Santa Clause (again, ALL OF THEM)- I think of these, they are all equally as good. This is one I have been watching since I was a child and they never get old.
  • The Ultimate Christmas Present– This is a Disney Channel movie that I have literally loved since I was in elementary school. It comes a blizzard for these girls that have stolen a weather machine and Santa comes to save the day!
  • Holiday in Handcuffs– This one is from ABC Family and is one I have always loved! It is hilarious and full of Christmas vibes. This is a comedy, love story, and even has someone get abducted in it!
  • Noelle– This is a newer Disney Channel Christmas movie and it doesn’t disappoint! Noelle is full of Christmas spirit and has to go on a hunt for her brother in time to save Christmas!
  • Elf– This is a no brainer! You MUST watch Elf at least once every year, if not more. Elf is a hilarious Christmas movie that brings so much Christmas spirit!
  • A Christmas Story– Now, if you have your TV on you will watch this more than a handful of times because I swear it is ALL that plays on Christmas Day!
  • The Grinch– OMG. This movie. My husband highly dislikes this movie, but of course, it is one of my favorites! I used to get scared watching this when I was little. I personally don’t care for the newer version of this movie, but the older one is one that I watch numerous times during the holidays.
  • National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation– This movie is a great movie to watch with your family for a good laugh! Nothing right can happen when you have your in-laws in for the holidays!
  • A Madea Christmas– Who doesn’t love a Madea movie? Like, come on! This one will not disappoint. It is funny, surrounded by Christmas spirit, and the perfect bit of a love story.
  • Christmas with the Kranks– Now, this is another one that I watch year-round. I find this one to be almost my favorite Christmas movie of all time. A couple sends their daughter off, they plan a cruise at Christmas, and all of their plans come shattering down when their daughter makes a quick visit home for their favorite holiday!
  • A Charlie Brown Christmas– What 90s baby didn’t grow up watching Charlie Brown Christmas? This was something I always looked forward to watching. Now, it is hard to find to watch!
  • The Polar Express– This is my husbands FAVORITE Christmas movie! We always dedicate a night to hot chocolate and watching this movie! I can also say, it is one of my favorites!
  • A Christmas Carol– Ah, this one. When I was little, I would’ve told you this was the worst Christmas movie you could ever watch. Since living with my husband, it has grown on me, but still not what I would say is a favorite of mine!
  • Miracle on 34th Street– I haven’t watch this movie since I was in elementary school and stayed with grandparents every weekend! I remember they had this movie on VCR and I would watch it with my grandmother. This one is on my list to watch this year!
  • Four Christmases– I don’t watch this one every year, but it is a good one! This unhappy married couple soon let’s everything and everyone come together even though they weren’t expecting it.
  • Arthur Christmas– Now, not the Arthur you are thinking of if you are a 90s baby. This one can be found on Amazon Prime and is so cute!
  • Jingle All The Way– This is another one from my childhood! This one is seriously hilarious and I can still remember watching it when I was little with my mom. All the little boy wants a specific doll and his dad does EVERYTHING he can to get it for him!
  • Frosty the Snowman– This is such a classic. I can’t say I can sit down and give my full attention to this at 22 years old, but it is great to have playing decorating the Christmas Tree or wrapping presents!
  • Santa Paws– SUCH A CUTE MOVIE. I love this one! It isn’t one I would choose over all the above, but it is great for little kids and dog lovers!
  • Snow Dogs– This is another one from Disney Channel and I love it during this time because of all the snow, cozy vibes!
  • Good Luck Charlie It’s Christmas– Follow along as Charlie and the family go to Florida for a family Christmas! Unfortunately, the travel there doesn’t quite go as planned! This one is perfect to watch with the family.
  • The Mistletones– This is one on my list to watch this year that I never have before! It isn’t new, but I haven’t got around to watching it yet. It can be found on Disney Plus!

These are all of the Christmas movies that I have on my Christmas Movie Bucket List! I can promise you that I will probably watch these all more than once! What are your favorite Christmas movies to watch with the family?

I have added links to all of the DVD forms of these movies on Amazon! I like to keep building my collection every year even if we are moving to a streaming world!


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