ULTIMATE Holiday Amazon Gifts for Her

Holiday season has hit Amazon, which means we are one step closer to the happiest time of the year!

If your significant other or best friend is anything like me, then she LOVES Amazon. She might even be obsessive when it comes to ordering things from Amazon that she MUST-HAVE (aka wants). I am guilty of ordering from Amazon just-because. Maybe it is the free shipping, it’s on sale, or it has amazing reviews.

As an Amazon Associate, I do receive commission from qualifying purchases. #CommissionEarned

I am going to give you the ULTIMATE Amazon gifts for ‘her’ for this holiday season! Whether is your wife, girlfriend, best friend, mom, or little cousin- I am sure she will LOVE these gifts!


I can’t think of any girl who doesn’t want a cozy pair of slippers! UGG has the BEST slippers that I have found and they are sold on Amazon! They may be expensive, but they are 100% worth it! I have also linked a cheaper-dupe option to the UGG slippers!

Above is the pair that is my absolute favorite! This was always at the TOP of my Christmas list until I got the two UGG slippers that I wanted! These slippers last FOREVER. I have had mine going on three years and they still look new! If you are shopping for you wife and are a little jealous, don’t worry! They also have men UGG slippers that my husband would wear all of the time if he could!

2. Scrunchies

These may not be super in-trend to wear on your wrist anymore, but if she has a hair dresser that tells her how good these are on your hair, then she still uses them in her hair!

Personally, I still wear these on my wrist all of the time because if they match my clothes, why not?

On Amazon, they have a 60 PACK for only $10!! Now, that is a steal! Some boutiques will try to sell one for that price!

This gift will especially go over well if you are shopping for nieces, cousins, or even your daughter! Amazon has tie dye scrunchies, satin silk scrunchies, and Disney princess scrunchies! Make this Christmas, scrunchies galore!

3. All things espresso

We all need some espresso in our lives! If your wife goes to Starbucks or Dunkin EVERY. SINGLE. DAY., well she is spending well-worth $28-56/week. WOAH, that is $1,460-2,920/year! So, why not buy her an espresso machine that will make that cheaper AND from home? A Nespresso machine seems like a lot at first, but look at those numbers I just listed! You will be saving money! All you need is a Nespresso machine, espresso mugs, and some Nespresso capsules!

This is what will be on my Christmas list this year because espresso is 10/10 compared to coffee! I don’t really care for coffee at Dunkin, Starbucks, or at home, unless it is hot!

4. For tha hair

I am always on the lookout for new ways to style my hair, use heat on my hair, and the best shower products for my hair! I have naturally curly hair and it can be hard to style and tame at times!

I am sure, if you are married, you have heard her talk about Dyson! Dyson hair tools are an INVESTMENT because they are extremely expensive, but they are worth the price! Their products will last you forever and make your hair look like you just came from the hair salon, everyday. Dyson offers a set of their products, a straightener, and a hair dryer! Do you think it is worth the price?

Now, of course, Amazon offers WAY cheaper options for women hair, which are the ones that I have! They have a 6-in-1 curling iron for ONLY $40, hair straighteners, and inexpensive blow dryers for only $20!! The ones I have linked are only some of the many that Amazon offers, but most are with highest reviews and lowest prices!

As I am trying to stop using SO much heat on my hair, I have tried to find other ways to style my hair! I just recently began using claw clips and these are a GAME CHANGER. They hold forever and my hair doesn’t move all day! For $10 on Amazon, you can get 12 claw clips!


5. Jewelry

Amazon has some of the BEST jewelry pieces for their price! I love their earrings (especially the infamous hoops), necklaces, rings, and bracelets! When searching Amazon earrings, you can expect to find gold chunky hoops, bundles of earrings for cheap, and gold statement earrings! For rings, Amazon offers sets, wedding ring look-a-likes (great for the summer), and stackable ring sets! For necklaces, Amazon offers Kendra Scott, dainty layered necklaces, and some statement necklaces.

6. The Amazon Must-Haves

Tiktok has taken over for promotion on Amazon! I have found some of my FAVORITE things on Amazon through Tiktok and its where I formed my must-have list!

  • Leggings– Everyone is here for a good Lululemon dupe! These leggings are just that and only $20! They offer just about every color you can think of or need!
  • Workout Dress– Now, this isn’t something every woman will want for Christmas, but if you live in Florida it is! This dress is the dupe to the Outdoor Voices workout dress that everyone wants, but can’t afford every color in.
  • Workout Tank– This is another Lululemon Dupe! This is honestly identical to the Lululemon align tank tops, just a MUCH better price! For only $22 compared to a $60 Lululemon tank!
  • Touch-less Trash Can– This is a GAME CHANGER and will make her EXTREMELY happy. You know you are old when you get excited over getting a trash can for Christmas!
  • Amazon Smart Plug– For all my lazy people, this is for you and I LOVE mine. All I have to say is, “Alexa, turn on the light” and BOOM. Plug this up into any wall, sync with your Alexa, and you are one step closer to becoming a couch potato. Now, make sure she has an Amazon Alexa, or this won’t work and will be a waste!
  • Projection Alarm Clock– I got this for my husband last year for Christmas and he loves it! The time projects anywhere you want it to and helps you make sure you are up when you need to be!
  • Blue light glasses– These just recently became a thing and I LOVE them! Say goodbye to headaches when you are on your computer for hours upon end.

That wraps up my Amazon gifts for her! Whoever you are shopping for, they will be ECSTATIC to get something off of this list, I know I would be!


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