5 BEST Podcasts for Women in their 20s

Podcasts- something I never would have thought I would be giving my two cents on. In high school, I thought these were for people in their mid-forties like when you are driving around in the car with your dad and he is listening to sport podcasts or when your mom is on a walk listening to one through her headphones. As I have gotten older, I have realized how beneficial these are for traveling, working out, gaining knowledge, and ways to pass time.

I am going to give my 5 best recommendations for a young, female adult that will make you laugh and over think EVERYTHING.

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If you are anything like me, you are in a time in your life that you are just trying to figure it out. You know what your goals are, but unsure how to get there. I will say, as crazy as it sounds, each of these podcasts give me different types of inspiration and things to think about.

  1. Crime Junkie

CRIME. YES, crime.

I am sure you have heard of this one. If you haven’t, you now have and you MUST got listen. If you are into true crime or enjoy watching Law and Order, this is the podcast for you. Each week, the hosts of Crime Junkie, Ashley Flowers and Brit Prawat, will take you into a new true crime story and it will hook you in within seconds. They cover crime just in your backyard and that you may have never heard of . While telling you these stories, they are giving you tricks and things to watch out for to keep you safe!

No, they don’t just cover big stories that we have all heard of all over the news. These are stories people aren’t hearing and stories the news haven’t brought to light. Something that makes this podcast even better is that you can go to their website and put in a request for a video if you have insight on a crime going on in your area!

This is my number 1 listened to podcast and I do not miss an episode! If you were to take my phone and scroll through Apple podcast, I can promise you I have listened to every single episode. It is like you are watching Dateline, Law and Order, or Lifetime. I will warn you, don’t listen while you are in the shower. You will immediately think someone is outside of the curtain.

2. Gals on the Go

This is a newer podcast to me! The hosts of this podcast are Brooke Miccio and Danielle Carolan who are pretty popular on Youtube. I have watched them on Youtube for years and just never thought their podcast would be for me. They both live in New York City who are full-time sloggers, podcast hosts, and do many other things through social media. As I said, I didn’t think this was for me because they live in New York City and I kept questioning why I would want to listen about that life when I am in a small town in Tennessee.

After listening to a few episodes, I was hooked. It is like you are watching them on Youtube and they immediately become your bestie. Gals on the Go will quite literally make you get off your couch and get to work, clean your living area, and become productive. These girls talk about their must-haves, college, all about navigating life in your 20’s, and more.

If you aren’t a woman and in your 20’s, this might not be for you! The name of this podcast is VERY on brand for these gals on the go (ha, get it).


3. Fun on Weekdays

Jenna Palek, the Tiktok queen! As said, she is known for her tiktoks and brining her viewers along through her crazy life in her 20s! I followed Jenna on Tiktok when I had seen her video of her explaining how she worked at Tiktok and showed her application (which was SPECTACULAR), which I am sure is how most of her followers first found her.

Her podcast has just recently debuted and it became popular FAST. Not long after she broadcasted the first two podcasts, she quit her job to pursue her dream of being a full-time influencer and to grow her podcast. She is on track to being a very popular podcast for girls in their twenties! She has podcasts with Danielle Carolan (Gals on the Go), Connor Saeli (Bachelor), and Louis Levanti (Tiktoker).

I would suggest this podcast if you need a laugh, want to listen to something EXTREMELY relatable, and need inspiration. Jenna is THE INSPIRATION. She makes me realize anything is possible and if you dream it, you can do it.

Jenna is all about having fun on weekdays, hence her podcast name. She is constantly doing something fun and is a true hustler. She built her brand from the ground up in lesson then a year and shares her story and how it all came about in her podcast. It is a MUST to listen to.

4. Call her Daddy


Ha, ok, this is one I was hesitant to even put on my list. I am guilty of listening to this on my way to work and as dirty as the host, Alex Cooper is, it is so fun to listen to all of the guests she has on this podcast! You will hear all of the tea, literally.

Alex Cooper, also called Father Cooper, is as blunt and real as it gets. When I first started listening, I was stunned at some of the things I realized people said in public and over the Internet, but also all of the stories and things happening in celebrities’ lives that I had missed.

Call her Daddy has stars such as Miley Cyrus, Tana Mongeau, Hannah Berner (Summer House), and many more. This is your stop for all the gossip and crazy stories. Aside from the crazy, real, and blunt things you’ll hear on this podcast, Alex also discusses mental health, therapy, and all things in her life.

5. Cancelled

Tana Mongeau is cancelled.

Truly an iconic, dirt spilling, and hilarious podcast. Tana Mongeau is known for her crazy lifestyle, party life, and being as blunt as I can say it, rich.

This podcast is nothing short of being maybe my second favorite podcast right now behind Crime Junkie. Tana has guests such as Harry Jowsey, Bryce Hall, and Trisha Paytas. Basically, everyone and anyone who has ever been cancelled. She gives all the tea, too. I would say this is one of the most REAL podcasts I have ever heard, because her co-hosts, Brooke Schofield and Hunter Moreno, make sure the truth is always in the story.

You can expect to hear tea on the Kardashians, sugar daddy scenarios, and crazy stories from when they travel with other rich celebrities. As big as a mess as Tana is, so is this podcast, in the best way possible. It is ALL over the place. I can’t even summarize everything you will hear, because it would be about ten pages. No episode is kept on one topic or subject, you really don’t ever know what you will hear. This is one of the reasons I love this podcast. I don’t skip an episode based on the title not being appealing because I know for a fact the title isn’t exactly what will be discussed.

These are just five of the MANY podcasts I enjoy in my early twenties, but I can say I listen to these five weekly and hardly ever miss an episode of any of them!


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