Winter 2021-2022 Bucket List

I am a LOVER of the cold and all things surrounding the holidays! It truly is the best time of the year, in my opinion. There are so many things to do and such little time!

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I have compiled a list of ALL the things I want to do during this holiday season and will probably have to come back to this post to keep adding! There’s no way I thought of all the traditions and things that we do!

What are things on your winter bucket list? And, do you always get all of your bucket list items checked off? I certainly don’t! I come back to my list and feel discouraged seeing things I forgot because there simply wasn’t enough time!

  • Decorate the Christmas tree

Now, this is one I always get checked off! My husband and I are guilty of putting the tree up the day after Halloween! Are we the only ones? Don’t forget your ornaments, tree skirt, and of course, the star!

  • Visit Speedway in Lights

Where I live, we have a NASCAR race track not too far from us. Every year, they turn the race track into different light fixtures and you get to drive around the track looking at the lights! Once you get to the middle of the track, you can get out and visit Santa, ride rides, and get cozy snacks!

  • Make and decorate Christmas cookies

This was always a favorite of mine when my cousins were little! I loved seeing them make cookies for Santa and decorate them. We use sprinkles and icing to make them very festive!

  • Drink hot chocolate while watching Christmas movies

This is giving me all of the COZY vibes! I love drinking hot chocolate with some fun marshmallows!

  • Have mom make spicy pretzels

As weird as this item sounds, my mom makes the BEST spicy pretzels and I always use to get them around Christmas time. Now, that’s when I crave them!

  • Drive and look at Christmas lights

This is one of my favorites, but no so much my husbands because I make him drive! It is always fun to find that one neighborhood that puts up the best lights and you can drive slowly around it looking at each one!

  • Go skiing

I’ve only been skiing once, but have wanted to go back ever since! We have a few places near us and I am going to make sure I make it there this year to go! I’m not so sure I’ll be any good or I’ll even be able to, but I’ll try! I found super inexpensive (well, inexpensive for ski apparel) ski pants and a ski jacket on Amazon and they are great quality!

  • Go sledding

An absolute favorite of mine, sledding! I have loved sledding since I was a kid because we had a big hill where I grew up! I hope this year I can go with my little cousins! Sleds can be expensive, but if you invest in a good one, it will be worth it!

  • Wear matching PJs with the hubby

My husband and I wear matching PJs on Christmas Eve, every year. There was one year that I forgot them, but only one year. It calls for the perfect picture and is fun to go and pick them out together!

  • Donate to the animal shelter

My husband got our first cat, Princess, from a local animal shelter. I swore once I was out of college, with a job, that I would donate to the animal shelter around Christmas every year! Whether it is blankets or food, I want to make sure I do this.

  • Watch all of my favorite Christmas movies

If I made a list of every single Christmas movie that I watch every year, it would be a blog post on its own (maybe I’ll do that), but some of my favorites are The Ultimate Christmas Present, Santa Clause, Elf, and Home Alone!

  • Decorate a gingerbread house

This one actually makes me laugh! I can’t think of a single gingerbread house that I’ve ever made that has actually turned out looking decent, or even actually stood up! Mine always fall apart.

  • Go to Disney World

AH! We are going to Disney World this Christmas and I couldn’t be more excited! It has always been a dream to be in Disney while the Christmas decorations are up, and I’ll finally get to see them! I have to stock up on my Disney Christmas Ears! I currently have gingerbread ones, snowflakes, and a festive sequined pair!


What are some of your Christmas traditions or things on your bucket list?

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